Tap into Your Body’s Natural Healing Ability

Moxibustion in Bradenton, Florida

Bradenton’s Reputable Moxibustion Clinic

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine strategy promoting healing usually performed with acupuncture. Having many years of experience and training, our trusted health care practitioners are qualified to perform this therapy.

Our goal is to improve your body’s chi energy and support your overall health. At our state-of-the-art clinic, we put a great deal of effort into providing you with the highest level of treatment. During your moxibustion therapy, you’ll experience a soothing warm sensation that helps to help your body quickly.

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Improve Your Health with Our Moxibustion Therapy

Our reputation as the leading moxibustion and acupuncture clinic has been relied on for years by Bradenton residents. Whether you have an acute or chronic ailment that has persisted for months or years, our professionals are licensed and trained in providing these natural alternative treatments. We help our patients enhance and restore their body’s balance and reduce pain and muscle soreness.

If other therapies you’ve tried haven’t provided the effect you want, moxibustion may be the key to the pain relief and healing you’ve been looking for.

Different Health Benefits of Moxibustion

A moxibustion treatment can have a lot of physical advantages, such as better blood flow, a strengthened immune system, and relief from chronic pain. The gradual heat from burning mugwort leaves can also relieve aching muscles.

It also provides the following specific health benefits:

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How Does Moxibustion Work

Moxibustion uses mugwort herbs compressed into sticks, or moxa, placed on acupuncture needles that are placed over specific points on your body, and then ignited. You will feel warm from the inside out as the soothing heat warms up your body. This helps warm the blood vessels, activate acupuncture points, and enhance blood circulation.

People with anxiety and depression can also choose moxibustion therapy to relieve stress. Our top-rated moxibustion therapy is known to treat many conditions. We offer customized care and treatment plans based on your specific needs.

Choose Bradenton’s Best Moxibustion and Acupuncture Physician

It is crucial to choose a qualified practitioner if you are interested in the therapeutic effects of moxibustion. You should never perform moxibustion on yourself, despite how simple it seems to do so and how widely available moxa sticks are. Dr. Siditsky has vast knowledge and experience in traditional Chinese medicine, and is an expert in moxibustion. She can help you take advantage of moxibustion in a way that is safe and effective. To book an appointment with Dr. Siditsky, contact us now.