Mental/Emotional Aspects Related to Kidney

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I treated a patient who had completely lost all of his hair in a week while I was an acupuncture intern many years ago. He lost all of his hair—including body hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows—as soon as he found out that his pregnant kid would not live. Amazingly, he discovered the following week that his wife’s prenatal tests had been flawed and that the child would, in fact, be healthy. This patient went in for an acupuncture treatment around that time to explore what could be done for him.

Kidneys and Fears

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidney system governs the bones, teeth, and hair, and fear is the mental-emotional aspect of the kidney. It was fascinating to see such a clear illustration of how closely the emotional and physical components of this medication are entwined. This unfortunate man felt such intense shock and dread that the disruption in renal energy manifested physically as total baldness.

Kidney personality types are contemplative and appreciate their alone time, according to the five-element theory. They might be regarded as unusual or even a little odd. Fear being the kidney’s element, an imbalance in this energy could result in unjustified fears and anxieties. Even when they are currently healthy, patients of this sort may become obsessed with death or even start to doubt their own existence. An individual with a balanced kidney type would have positive, doable long-term life goals because this organ is associated with willpower. They would experience a sense of meaning in their lives. This type may be out of balance and unwilling to take action because they are too afraid of the future. They may give off the impression of being aimless or weak in follow-through.

Other Ways Kidney Energy Affects the Body

The sex drive and the kidney are related. Lack of sexual desire may be a symptom of kidney energy deficiency. On the opposite extreme, an overactive sex drive might be caused by excess renal energy.

I think of the kidney because this organ controls the aging process when I meet patients who appear to have aged faster than expected. Some individuals age gracefully because their kidneys are functioning properly. Others seem to become more jaded as they whine about their different aches and pains, are worried about aging, and are obsessed by anxieties about potential health problems.

How Acupuncture Help with the Mental and Emotional Aspects Related to Kidney

Unfortunately, getting a kidney acupuncture tune-up won’t offer you eternal youth, but it can help you feel more energetic and reset your system. I frequently see patients who display the paradox of being “tired but wired,” which is frequently brought on by a combination of stress, overwork, and stimulants. The kidneys suffer as a result of these patients’ overdrive. We can activate your natural energy reserves while returning your body and mind to a state of balance by treating your kidneys.

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