Home Remedies That Actually Work: 3 Easy Herbal Medicines You Should Know

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Home remedies are a great way to treat everyday ailments and minor injuries. Many of these natural treatments are centuries old and based on solid medical principles. They are accessible, affordable, and usually carry little or no risk of side effects. There is a broad range of home remedies that can be used in almost any situation. These include herbal medicines that are steeped as teas, tinctures, oils, and vinegars; essential oils that can be used directly on the skin; or a variety of simple concoctions that can be made with common household ingredients like apple cider vinegar, honey, salt, or various spices.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are a simple and convenient way to administer herbs. Herbalists recommend drinking herbal teas for colds and flus since they do not need to be heated to be effective. If you use teas for colds or the flu, be sure to drink them at the onset; the sooner they are consumed, the better they will work. Drinking teas regularly can help prevent illness by boosting the immune system and fighting off bacteria in the digestive tract that can cause infections. Herbal teas can be used for dozens of different conditions including: allergies, indigestion, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and more. The best herbs for teas are fresh and can be found in health food and natural grocery stores, online, or fresh produce markets. Teas are inexpensive and easy to make at home. 

To make a tea, add one teaspoon of dried herbs per cup of boiling water. Steep for five to 10 minutes and strain. Add honey or lemon to make it more palatable. Drink two or three cups a day. If you have certain medical conditions, or if you are pregnant, talk to your doctor before consuming herbal teas. 


Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts that are created by steeping herbs in a mixture of alcohol and water. There are dozens of different tinctures that can be used both internally and topically, making them a versatile home remedy. Tinctures are easy and inexpensive to make, and are a great way for the novice herbalist to get started. The main advantage of using tinctures over teas is that they are more concentrated, meaning that you can take smaller doses of the remedy. Depending on the herb, tinctures can last for years. Tinctures can be taken orally, put on cuts or burns, or applied topically although the dosage for topical application will be much less than that taken internally.

Oils & Vinegars

Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and olive oil can be used as effective home remedies for a variety of problems. Coconut oil is an excellent treatment for skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and sunburn. Olive oil can be used to treat minor wounds and burns. Apple cider vinegar can help with indigestion and allergies by killing bacteria in the digestive tract. Cider vinegar can also be used to clean and disinfect the kitchen, and can brighten up the laundry by removing odors. Vinegar can also be used as a deodorizer in shoes to eliminate foot odor. Oils and vinegars can be used for a variety of ailments, but make sure to not use too much. If you apply coconut oil to a sunburn, you will only make it worse as oil-based ointments retain heat. And if you drink too much cider vinegar, you may experience indigestion.


The best thing about herbal remedies is that there is usually no risk of side effects. This makes them a great choice for treating children, the elderly, or anyone who is sensitive to medication. If you take the time to learn about the different plants that are used in home remedies and how they can be used, you will have a vast array of easy and effective treatments at your disposal that you can use without leaving your home!

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