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Whether this will be your first experience with acupuncture or not, Dr. Siditsky is ready to work with you to meet your needs. She is a Nationally Board-Certified Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist that focuses not only on reducing your symptoms, but addressing the underlying imbalances that are causing those symptoms.

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Acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine, and most commonly used to treat pain.

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Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which cups are heated and suctioned on the skin to create an invigorating, positive effect.

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Herbal Medicine

The ancient art of herbalism is the study and practice of pharmacognosy, or using medicinal plants for healing.

Dr. Siditsky - Acupuncturist In Bradenton, FL

About Dr. Siditsky

Dr. Siditsky was born and raised in Western NY, but her passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine stem from personal experience that led to a diagnosis with ulcerative colitis and chronic urticaria as well as other health issues which were not resolved by conventional medicine. After turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine, she found relief and was able to stop medication that she had been told would be a necessity for the rest of her life. Dr.Siditsky was always considering going into medicine and after this life-changing experience she knew that the time had come to pursue Traditional Chinese Medicine as well! As a primary health care provider, Dr. Siditksy devotes all of her attention on holistic body health in order treat root causes instead of just symptoms.

Rachel is amazing and very knowledgeable at what she does. She is super sweet and treats her patients with kindness and patience. I went to her for a few months to treat my insomnia and highly recommend her.
Mary Ann Hollander
Dr. Rachel is super knowledgeable, she understands the health and medicine extremely well. She is very organized and keeps track of health improvements. I have never seen someone as great as Dr. Rachel with her medical comprehensive understandings.
Mousa Wakileh

Acupuncture Services In Bradenton, FL

Hi! I’m Dr. Siditsky, your go-to doctor for all things health and wellness related. From treating children to helping you get healthy with acupuncture or Chinese medicine treatments that will work for YOU. I have helped thousands of people make a positive change in their bodies and minds. I have the privilege of providing counseling, healing and relief for people all over Bradenton. I offer a wide range of treatments from acupuncture to cupping moxibustion with herbal medicine in my clinic; if you are looking for an incredible acupuncturist who can help relieve your pain look no further. I look forward to hearing from you.