3 AcuPoints for Anxiety

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Being able to stimulate points in my own body when necessary is one of the most amazing things about being an acupuncturist. I can always jump up on my table for a fast needle tune-up if I have a headache or feel a cold coming on. As long as I know the locations of the points and what they are used for, I can push on them and obtain results even when I’m not at the workplace.

What acupuncture points are used by practitioners to relax? There are numerous body spots that can be used to reduce tension and anxiety and aid in relaxing the mind. However, the pericardium, the liver, and the stomach are in my top three.

Liver 3

Liver 3 is the spot between the first and second toes. You can feel a particularly tender area by running your finger between the toes until you reach the point where the two bones converge. This is a fantastic location for a lot of different issues, including irritation, headaches, TMJ, anxiety, and so on. The causes of these four problems are all related to the body’s energy rising upward if you think about it. Liver 3  is in a fairly stable position. The energy is directed downward by it. It can be really difficult to leave our minds while we are experiencing anxiety, but this point will be helpful.

Pericardium 6

A common point used for anxiety and motion sickness is pericardium 6. You have probably seen the wristbands that some pregnant women use to treat morning sickness. These are made to provide pressure on this area in order to calm any queasy feelings. Your wrist’s point is two fingers up from the wrist crease, in between the two tendons. It immediately calms when you press on it. If your anxiousness is accompanied by tightness in the chest or shallow breathing, you should consider this point as it opens your chest as well.

Stomach 6

Although Stomach 6 isn’t frequently included among the top 10 acupuncture sites for stress, it is my personal favorite. You can locate it by moving one finger width anterior and superior to the angle of the mandible at the masseter muscle’s belly while clenching your teeth. I have a lot of tightness in my face and jaw, like a lot of individuals. I get an instant release when I massage this area. I feel a sense of calm go throughout my entire body as soon as the muscles in my face start to relax. Try it out for yourself; it’s wonderful!

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